Pros and cons of solar power

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Pro's and con's of solar power

Solar power is essential

Solar Power is essential in order to establish a cleaner, safer and healthier ecosystem and  maximise sustainability and quality of life for all species here on earth.
Just like most renewable energy is.

And Solar Power is one of the most effective sources of Renewable Energy despite its amazing perks.
Our September article dives into the advantages of having Solar Power.
We will share important information and hopefully help you decide if Solar Installation and power is for you and your home.

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Advantages of Solar Power

Our sun is undeniably a powerful source of energy. So powerful, that in just 1 hour, the sun provides enough energy to power the whole planet for 365 days.

Using the sun to power our homes and aid to our families life styles and release some of the burdens of day to day life like electricity bills, power outages, rising fees is the most smart decisions a homeowner can make.

The cost of living is on the rise!

The cost of living is on the rise in Australia and it is setting homeowners back dramatically.

Biting the bullet and getting Solar power installed on your property will immediately do the following:

More and more households are switching to Solar Power due to the growth of the Solar industry and the demand for Solar Power

Homeowners want solar power and they want it now!

Solar energy has been criticized for a long time now for being expensive and unnecessary. However these false claims have been proven wrong. And easily so because it doesn't take a scientist to understand just how much benefits they are able to harness from Renewable Energy, such as Solar.

The sun is accessable from everywhere on Earth and is easy to harness!

Solar panels have several advantages

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Reusable Energy Source

As long as the sun shines, we can harness the energy from it. If the sun isn't shining well then you don't have to worry about bills anymore anyway! With all jokes aside. Solar panels have multiple uses.

Unlimited Power Solutions - A photo a Solar installation done by us in Jervis Bay.
Economical Servicing Costs

Low maintenance are the words everyone loves to hear. Well then you will be happy to hear that Solar is quite low maintenance. Of course, it is a loving relationship between a homeowner and their Solar panels. Which means, if you look after them, they will look after you. But Solar panels are extremely low maintenance. Pay a Solar Specialists once a year to come out and clean the solar system and do a maintenance check on all solar panels and inverter. And you are ready to go for another year so long as everything is okay.

Cost savings on electricity

Your carbon footprint is not the only thing going down when you as a homeowner decide to invest in Solar. The cost of your electricity bills will also decrease and depending on the size of your system, the brand of products, and the quality of install the price of savings can be extremely helpful to families.

As the popular saying goes,

if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

Are we saying that Solar Power is perfect? NO! Are we saying that you have to install Solar Power? NO!
Are we saying that you SHOULD install Solar Power? YES!

Below are the disadvantages to investing in Solar.

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the verdict is here

The PRO'S far outweigh the CON'S here. Solar Power is one of the smartest decisions a homeowner can make! See below to read what some of our Solar customers have had to say since getting Solar installed by Unlimited Power Solutions.

Eveyne Meier

Retiree Homeowner

“What a professional and reliable company from sales to installation.
Solar panel output as promised which I monitor on app which makes me smile. Love noting the CO2 emission saved, quantity of coal not burnt and trees planted.
Advise any solar purchaser to be super careful as I had quotes that included obsolete technology. Yes the upfront cost looks cheaper but long term cost is very high, in addition landfills of cheap imported panels.
Also commend Unlimited Power Solutions to aggregate old solar panels and for donating them to where they are still useful and needed.”

Alison Johnson


“The system that Phil and his team installed on our house has exceeded our expectations. I am very happy with the product and the massive savings we have made since its installation 18 months ago. Great work- great people.”

William Zealey

First Home Buyer

“Our first experience of solar… we unexpectedly got ten quotes and were thoroughly confused. Unlimited Power Solutions where competitively priced, not overly expensive and not unbelievably cheap. Responded quickly to all of our questions, was local and not Sydney based and did not contract out the work. No question was to stupid and he didn’t hassle us to make a decision.

The installation went well and the crew extremely efficient and they cleaned up afterwards.”

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