Meet the specialists, behind the Solar

the unlimited power


"What a professional and reliable Solar company. From sales to installation.
- Evelyne Meier

our directors

Alex Ivanoff
Alex is our company director and a talented Solar specialist. When you have questions and interest in installing Solar on your home, you will most likely speak to Alex.
Phil Ivanoff - Solar installer and company director
Phil Ducat
Phil is our other dedicated director and Solar specialist. On the day of your Solar installation, Phil is the smiling face knocking on your door.

Do you have questions?

The unlimited power team has the answers.

The Unlimited Power team is here to answer all of you Solar and electrical questions.
Whether you are wanting information on Solar and how it works. 
Or maybe your unsure if you will benefit from Solar. We are here to help

our administration

Kiara Ivanoff
Kiara Ivanoff
Kiara is one of Unlimited Power's owners and wife to Alex. Although she is not a Solar installer, she is the voice you all know. Kiara looks after all Unlimited Powers social media, our emails, website, accounts, and customer service. She is the voice on the other end of the phone ready to help.
Sandy Ducat
Sandy Ducat

Sandy is another owner of Unlimited Power Solutions, and Wife to Phil, she is a busy mum of two young boys. Although Sandy is not actively working in the business, she is such an amazing support to have behind the scenes. Cheering the Unlimited Power team on and helping where needed.

Are you still paying for


We have helped our Solar customers save a collective of over 2 million dollars on their electricity bills yearly. 
Are you still paying for electricity, still dreading that winter bill every year?
You don’t need to worry any more. We can help you.

Why choose

Solar specialists

As Solar specialists, we have extensive knowledge and years of experience in the Solar and electrical industry. 
We stay up to date on all the newest products and services.
We specialise in all things Solar power, from residential, commercial, Off-Grid, batteries, new builds and more.

Finding the right Solar installer is hard.
But what is the ‘right’ Solar installer? 
Well, as we said. We have the answers.
The right Solar installer values honesty, reliability, t
rustworthiness, professionalism, experience, affordability and most importantly, knowledge.
And the right Solar installer, settles for nothing less then that.

As a homeowner, isn’t it a priority to you that the support doesn’t stop once the invoice is paid?
At Unlimited Power Solutions, we have lifetime warranty for your Solar system, and 24 hour customer support, so the Unlimited Power team is quite literally here for you, night and day.

We aren’t the one and done kind of company. 
We will be there for you and your Solar and electrical needs for the life of your system and beyond.