Why You should not clean your solar panels.

Clean your Solar panels

3 reasons why YOU should NOT clean your Solar panels. This months article dives into the 3 biggest reasons why you need a Solar specialist to clean your Solar panels.

As we are half way through 2022 and there are so many changes in the world today from petrol prices to price of living. From parliament changes to war.
It is natural for us as homeowners to wonder where we can save ourselves some money.
But what is important to remember, is that some things should not be overlooked in order to save a little. Because in the long run, it may end up costing you a lot.

One of those things is cleaning your Solar panels. Should you clean your Solar panels? YES!
But should YOU clean your Solar panels? Not really…

Our studies have shown that panels that are cleaned by inexperienced homeowners, or others such as yard maintenance professionals are significantly less efficient then when a Solar specialists cleans your solar panels.

Below we tell you the 3 reasons why you should not clean your Solar panels. But a Solar specialist should.

1. It needs to be done right

We aren’t trying to offend anyone. As Solar specialists it is our job to make sure the correct information is out there. And the truth of the matter is. Most home owners are not cleaning their Solar systems correctly.

Do you know what products should and should not be used when cleaning your Solar system?
Or what about what tools to use, or what parts of the panels need the what type of cleaning? Lets be honest, it is not your job to know those things unless you truly want to.

That’s why it is important to ensure you are hiring the correct professionals for the job. Solar specialists not only know how to clean your Solar system in the best way to ensure it is optimised and refreshed. They also know early signs of things that can often go wrong with your system such as rust, frame damage, glue deuteriation and more.

So not only will a Solar specialist be able to clean your panels the right way, but they are a key factor in early detection of a failing Solar system.

Hiring someone who is not a Solar specialist or at least a certified Solar installer, such as a lawn maintenance professional who often offer gutter cleaning, roof cleaning and Solar panel cleaning is a bad idea.

All to often we have seen these professional using pressure washers to clean Solar panels which is a BIG NO NO!
This could potentially destroy your Solar panels and leave them in worse shape then they were before. So before you accept your lawn maintenance professionals help, make sure you ask them to not use any pressure washes or chemicals on the panels.

A bonus is that most Solar specialists offer free quotes. LIKE US!

2. It is not safe

Not all of us are perfectly happy with heights. If your idea of cleaning the Solar panels is to just quickly jump up there, hose the panels and get down again. There is no point.

There is a lot more that goes into cleaning Solar panels then you might think. And although hosing your Solar panels may help a little.
Wouldn’t you rather save yourself hundreds per year because you have an optimised Solar system due to regular cleaning and maintenance, then having an average performing Solar system that is performing OK but you’ve saved the odd $200 by hosing them yourself?

Getting up on your roof without a harness, with no roof experience is a dangerous game and should be avoided. As Solar specialist we have heard some horrific stories and we do not encourage homeowners to clean their panels unless they have a lot of experience being on a roof.

3. You don’t know what to look for

Getting up on your roof to clean your Solar system is one thing.
But homeowners very often know what to look for when they are cleaning the panels. How are the rails holding the Solar going, is there any signs of rust, is there any damage to the system that often occurs due to extreme weather?

These are a couple of the things that a Solar specialist will be checking while cleaning the panels.
They will get rid of rust, or tell you when it has gotten to a dangerous point. They will check that the rails are still secure to the house and there is no risk of a water leak.
And unless you are a retired Solar specialist, you unfortunately will not know what to look for to tell you how optimised your Solar system is.

Not a lot of people do services on their own cars. They get a mechanic to do that.
Why would your Solar system be any different?

Look at these amazing, freshly cleaned solar panels that the unlimited power team cleaned last week!

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