You should install solar Power on your house now!



Written By Kiara Ivanoff | 1st May 2022

With Solar power now being the most popular and smart decision that thousands of homeowners across Australia are making, it is only fitting to share with you 3 reasons why you should install Solar power on your house NOW!

As of 2020, Australia has a whooping 3 million households with Solar panels installed. And as of 2021, there was a recorded amount of 10 million households in the country.

This means, that a minimum of a quarter of Australian homes have a Solar system.

Read on to find out why if your not one of those 3 million households with Solar power, you should be.

1. Solar power will save you THOUSANDS.

Solar power is an investment.
In fact! You will start saving money, from day 1 of having Solar.
A good Solar system that is installed correctly, good electrical usage and a good energy plan will slash your electrical bill by a minimum of 80% per quarter.

So, that means that if your electricity bill without Solar is $500 per quarter, you will save a minimum of $400 per quarter by installing Solar power.
That amount accumulated over 12 months, is already $1,200 per year.
But remember the keyword here is minimum!

Unlimited Power Solutions have installed Solar systems all over NSW and ACT, and the biggest feedback we get is how much money we have saved our customers. To hear more about what our customers are saying about our services – Click here

2. Solar is saving the world!

Your creating renewable energy! Your a hero!
But seriously, Solar power is one of the cleanest forms of renewable energy. By installing an energy solution like solar power on your home, you are lowering your households carbon emissions greatly!

When you don’t have Solar power, you buy your electricity from an electrical company who is getting it from a range of different places such as fossil fuels, coal, and natural gas. This effects the earth in the worst way. The amount of harmful gases that are created by sourcing electricity this way, makes the climate change of our planet worse every year!

By installing Solar power on your home, you’re creating your own renewable energy and taking the power into your own hands.

3. Solar Power adds value to your life, and your home.

Not only will you save money and save the environment, you will add value to your life, live more comfortably and minimise stress!

Adding Solar power to your home increases the value of your home. This is by increasing the self sustainability of you home and improving it’s star rating.
Because the Government rebate drops each year, this increases the price of Solar making homes with Solar power so much more desirable.

Depending on the size of the Solar system, age and the products used, it has been reported that a system as small as 5kW could add approximately $25,000 to your home when selling.

Do you agree with us yet? Do you agree that you should install Solar power on your house NOW!
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