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What we do

At Unlimited Power Solutions, we specialise in solar, but our talented team are also experienced and talented electricians that can help with all your electrical needs.

Lights, Fans, Power Outlets and More

We offer a large range of services for your residential and commercial spaces. 
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New Builds & Renovations

We are experienced in completing new builds and renovations.
From small spaces, to large! We have got you covered.


Hot Water Timers

Hot water timers are used to allow your solar to heat up your hotwater. 

Pool & Spa Circuits

We offer pool and spa circuits for all sizes. 

All Electrical Installations

We offer all electrical installations including ovens, cooktops, range hoods and more.

Sheds, Granny Flats and Cabins

We offer all electrical services in order for you to have all your needs met at any property.


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