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Based in Nowra, NSW
Over 10 years experience
Over 350 installations per year
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The History Of

Unlimited Power Solutions

Unlimited Power Solutions began in August 2020 when directors Alex and Phil decided it was time to bring a necessary change to the solar industry.
They wanted to create a company that was based on trust, honesty, and dedication.
With over 10 years experience in the industry, thousands of solar installations and
2 professionals with a dream,
Unlimited Power Solutions was born.



Owner, Director & Installer

Alex Ivanoff

Alex is husband to Kiara and papa to Maze. With many years of experience in the construction industry, Alex has been refined to achieve the best possible result for each and every customer. From carpentry, project management and electrical, Alex has spent each day working on houses and skyscrapers to achieve quality and service that exceed the Australian standard. As owner and director of Unlimited Power Solutions, Alex strives to help Australian households and help make a healthier planet. 
Alex has obtained a range of skills in the industry that has helped bring our company’s dreams, values and goals to life.
Upon meeting Alex it will be very easy to see his passion and dedication to bringing the best possible service to every customer.


Owner, Director & Installer

Philip Ducat

Husband to Sandy, and father to his two sons, Phil is also one of our directors here at Unlimited Power.
Phil has been in the electrical industry for close to 15 years. He is highly motivated and dedicated to providing the absolute best quality and service to every client. His purpose for starting the business was his passion to help people get a high level of value and professionalism in a industry where often customers can be taken advantage of because they are provided incorrect/inaccurate information. He has many skills, knowledge and experience in not only a residential setting, but also large commercial and industrial spaces. He runs the business with the utmost integrity and treats each customer as if they are family.

Owner & Administration

Kiara Ivanoff

Kiara is the wife of Alex and the Mumma of Maze.
If you are ever wondering who the voice behind our social media platforms, photographs, website, and emails are. It is Kiara.
Through the course of Kiara’s career she has obtained a high level of customer service experience.
This is a great strength that she takes a lot of pride in as this ensures that every single customer is felt taken care of. 

Owner & Administration

Sandy Ducat

Sandy is the wife of Phil and Mum of 2 gorgeous boys.
Although she is currently very behind the scenes, her background is customer service/retail and she is using those skills along with her administration and media experience to provide as much help as she possibly can. She loves helping people, using her determination to take on challenges, and learning new skills.
She is passionate about growing this business and supporting the team to reach their goals.


Warehouse Manager & Head of Security

Maze Ivanoff

Maze joined the Unlimited Power Team when she was just 8 weeks old!
Since joining the team she has trained hard to become a great warehouse manager and security guard! And of course, our company model!
You may see Maze come to visit a site, bring the installers lunch, or maybe in her car seat as we drive by!


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